English summary

What is Saudade?

Wednesday: you get home from work, grab a bite, get your sheet music, and off you go to immerse yourself in the warmth of a choir rehearsal. Together you come to understand the music intimately and put the finishing touches on the performance. After the rehearsal, you can get to know each other while having a drink together in a bar. And on regular occasions, you share the wonderful music with an audience, during a concert in a church, museum, or in other special locations. The Portuguese word saudade means nostalgia, the melancholic longing for people and experiences that only exist as a beautiful memory. This word describes what our choir – under the direction of our conductor Vincent Doek – wants to convey with its music: a sense of beauty, nostalgia, and transience.

Do you want to sing with Saudade?

A beautiful voice is always welcome. Add your unique sound to our choir. Our vacancies (in Dutch) are:

1 bas en 1 tenor. Zangers in andere stemgroepen kunnen ook contact opnemen.

Our repertoire is in various languages such as Latin, German, French and English. Our rehearsals are in Dutch but we welcome those who have a different native language. Interested? Contact us!