The humble complaint of a sinner - Tekst

Componist: John Dowland (1563–1626)

Tekst anoniem, mogelijk ten dele naar Psalm 130 ('Zo Gij in 't recht wilt treden, / o Heer, en gadeslaan / onz' ongerechtigheden, / ach wie zal dan bestaan?'). Uit Mr Henry Noell his funerall Psalmes. Tekst en melodie uit het Engelse psalter van 1562. Hier couplet 1 en 2.


Where righteousness doth say,
Lord, for my sinful part,
In wrath thou should'st me pay
vengeance for my desert.
I can it not deny,
but needs I must confess
how that continually
thy laws I do transgress.

But if it be thy will,
with sinners to contend:
then all thy flock shall spill,
and be lost without end.
For who liveth here so right,
That rightly he can say:
he sinneth not in they sight,
full oft, and every day.