Adieu, sweet Amaryllis - Tekst

Componist: John Wilbye (1574–1638)
Tekst: Thomas Morley (1558-1603)


Adieu, sweet Amaryllis,
For since to part your will is,
O heavy tiding,
Here is for me no biding.
Yet once again, ere that I part with you,
Amaryllis sweet, adieu.
Clorinda false
Clorinda false, adieu,
thy love torments me;
Let Thyrsis have thy heart,
since he contents thee.
O grief and bitter anguish;
for thee unkind I languish.
Fain I alas would hide it,
O but who can abide it?
I cannot abide it.
Adieu, adieu, adieu then,
farewell, leave me, death now desiring,
thou hast, lo, thy requiring.
So spake Phillistus on his hook relying,
and sweetly fell a-dying.